SCI Sri Lanka: looking for peace and national integration

SCI was introduced to Sri Lanka in the early sixties and is one of the active NGO’s in the country. SCISL has played a significant role in the promotion of peace and national integration. The Blue Rose Special School and Training Centre in Kandy, which was initiated by SCI-SL in 1981, has been acknowledged as an outstanding project and has gained international recognition.

SCI-SL has been in the forefront during natural and man made disasters. Work accomplished during and after the tsunami were exemplary and outstanding. SCI-SL also has experience working with refugees and internally displaced people. We worked for nearly 10years, in Puttalam, with IDP’s from Jaffna due to LTTE cleansing of Muslims.

The Peace Centre Project in Mutur is yet another activity under our Link Language Programme which seeks to promote racial amity through language training. Large number of foreign and local volunteers have volunteered here.

Protection of the environment is also one of our priorities. Many of our work camps are focused on this theme and we have been supported by the GAIA WG, in this area.

Sri Lanka has been a much sought after destination for many long term and short term volunteers. We have many opportunities for motivated volunteers in our long term projects and also of our partner organisations. During the last few years we were able to host a large number of foreign volunteers.

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