Theory vs. Just do it

In front of a church
In front of a church

In the last days during the training in Rome, the BIP Team have focused on the non-violent approach of conflict transformation and mediation. We think that’s important in order to create a solid base to develop our field research during our job shadowing in the countries we are going. One of the question that rise up was “¿how to face social injustice?” talking about the controversy between more theory needed or just do it.


It took a bit of time to think about it because it is not really easy to take a position that refuses one of the sides. Moreover, we argued a lot about it and we got to the agreement of depending on the context of the situation and the goals you want to achieve, you will have different needs and theory could be used as a means. Whatever, we thought to take action was more interesting to explore so that’s why we decided to talk about Surveillance Camera Players.

The Surveillance Camera Players, from New York City, are a performance based activist awareness group who openly, critically, and playfully engage various elements of public surveillance. Bill Brown, co-founder of the Surveillance Camera Players, covers the group’s history, the strategy of their public performances. Furthermore, Brown critiques the growth of the surveillance society and how it continues to reify a culture of public conformity and increasingly enforces a dangerous homogeneity of behavioral display across our social ecologies.

Considering that to fight back against structure or system with the measure is something very difficult and complex, that’s why it is very important the combination between theoretical studies and action in order to achieve your goals. In the other hand, we recognize that in some occasions the spontaneous and informal actions are more effective and can reach more public.