Building Inclusive Paths: the E-Book

The E-Book is one of the final outcomes of the project Building Inclusive Paths, carried on by four branches of Service Civil International – SCI Italia, SCI India, SCI Catalonia, SCI Sri Lanka – and by VWAN Nigeria, historical partner of the network.

In a contemporary context of stratified and everyday violence, the conflicts inherent to human nature tend to present excessive characteristics. It appears as if we are still not able to handle conflicts in a constructive way, maybe because of those many violent models that surround us, and the lack of (a proper) education for peace and better understanding of the Other.

At first historical and social analysis, this framework of both use of violence and poor ability to handle
conflicts shows in every part of the world, with due consideration to the specificities of each and to the different categories of conflict.

Building Inclusive Paths was thought in order to contribute to the growth path of these youths, some of whom were, through non-formal education, given the opportunity to learn new methodologies and delve into questions relating to nonviolence and the transformation of conflicts. They had as well the chance to put in practice what learnt, through the management of a workshop on non-violence and conflict transformation during the job-shadowing and another three-days one they carried on for a group of fellows once back to their countries of origin.

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