About Us

SCI-Italia has a longlasting experience in projects related to volunteering, social inclusion, youth workers mobility and capacity building. The former successful projects carried out in the framework of the previous Action 3.2 Youth are a clear proof of that capacity. Similarly SCI-Italia organizes, on voluntary base, dozens of public events every year, aimed at raising awareness on the issue of marginalized youth and active citizenship.

SCI-Catalunya has been working for more than 30 years in the fields of peace education and international cooperation through seminars and trainings related to peace education. Its expertise comes from cooperation projects carried out in Guatemala, Lebanon and Western Sahara.

SCI-Sri Lanka has undertaken a range of international and local projects and activities related to Peace and Human Rights, Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation,Child focused activities, Women and gender related issues. In the recent years its work focused on non-violent conflict transformation, aimed at solving tensions between communities affected by the civil war.

SCI-India has been working for long on disadvantaged youth and youth empowerment through volunteering, peace education and workshops based on non-violent communication.

VWAN- Nigeria it is working on youth participation to democratic life and youth capacity building, advocacy concerning environmental conflicts and peace education,working in the complicated scenario of today Nigeria.